Artificial Turf, Great For Your Desert Landscape

RYE 50 Artificial Turf

Rye-50a turf

Spring 50 is our introductory turf. Though it is inexpensive, it lays down beautifully when installed correctly and can enhance any landscape. Turf always looks best when it is accented with decorative rock and other landscaping rather than blanked over everything, and fake grass technology has advanced radically in recent years to where the product looks more and more like the real thing. It is also surprisingly affordable, especially when compared to the amount of water, time, and money it takes to keep real grass alive in Las Vegas.




Blue 80 Artificial Turf

Blue 80a turf The Blue 80 turf a deep green color with a green thatch that mimics the popular Kentucky Bluegrass. It’s rich green color can add a rich lush feeling to a landscape that would otherwise be dry in Las Vegas. Blue 80 is a thick turf that will be comfortable for pets and bare feet, and looks beautiful to boot.






Fescue 92 Artificial Turf

Fescue 92 002

Fescue 92 is our best selling turf to custom landscapers.  It has thick olive green blades of grass with a two tone thatch underneath.  It is our thickest turf at 92 ounces per cubic yard.  It looks great and will save you money in the long run over watering real grass!