Tips on How to Create Your Very Own Outdoor Desert Oasis

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How to Create an Outdoor Desert Oasis If you live in a hot desert environment, you might think that obtaining a beautiful desert oasis is out of your reach. However, you will be delighted to know that this is possible, and you won't have to use tons of water to maintain it either. Here are

Balancing Vibrant and Colorful Desert Flowers With Sandy Landscaping Elements

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Best Flower Colors for Sandy Desert Landscaping Landscaping can be difficult because it's easy to do too much or too little and have the whole design look bad. Picking the right color is essential because you don't want desert flowers that contrast the design too much or too little. Choosing the perfect balance of colors

Simple and Hardy Plants for Landscaping that Resist Drought in Nevada

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Best Low-Maintenance Plants for Nevada Landscaping Many people associate low maintenance with low quality, but there are many plants that require very little attention and look absolutely gorgeous. The following plants work with your landscaping and are resistant to droughts while basically growing on their own. Trailing Lantana Low-Maintenance Plants This is the most resilient

How to Make a Zen-Inspired Backyard With Natural Paving Stones

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Using Natural Paving Stones for Your Backyard Landscaping You are probably familiar with how most people use paving stones. They are usually rectangular and placed like cobblestones or bricks. This is one way to use them, but don’t let those predictable designs limit you or the material. If you are seeking a laid back, meditative

Affordable Landscaping Rocks in Las Vegas

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Top Three Best Affordable Landscaping Rocks There are many decorative rocks to choose from and each is set at a different price. If you're looking to make your Las Vegas landscaping look wonderful without spending all your money, then these affordable landscaping rocks might be exactly what you need. They're easier on the wallet and

Using the Principles of Xeriscaping to Beautify Las Vegas Landscapes

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How to Create Beautiful Landscapes With Xeriscaping Las Vegas' arid climate offers an excellent opportunity for homeowners to implement principles of xeriscaping. By using native plants, careful irrigation techniques, and decorative rock, Las Vegas yards can be transformed into beautiful and sustainable year-round oases. What Are the Principles of Xeriscaping? Xeriscaping emerged in the 1980s

The Best Blooming Desert Plants for Landscaping in Your Yard

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What Are the Best Blooming Desert Plants for Landscaping? If you are a Las Vegas, Nevada, homeowner who has a green thumb, you are certainly not alone. There are many great options available to you if you are looking to build your landscape from scratch or add to one that’s already existing. Choose blooming desert

Gray Water Irrigation for an Environmentally Responsible Landscape

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Water Your Lawn With Gray Water and Save the Planet Homeowners love their lawns as places to relax and play. However, in drier areas, it can be difficult to maintain your lawn. If you buy turf in Las Vegas, you do not want it to die out because of water use restrictions. An irrigation system

Options for Your Native Edible Landscaping Project

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Add Native Edibles to Your Landscaping Las Vegas is known primarily for its many and varied attractions, both indoor and outdoor. However, it is also located in one of the most beautiful desert areas in the United States with many edible varieties of herbs, flowers, fruits, and plants. Using native and nearly native flora for