What to Know About Landscaping Your Las Vegas Home With Decorative Rock

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How to Enhance Your Las Vegas Home with Decorative Rock One of the best things about using decorative rock is that there really aren't any rules on how you can use them. You can improve the appearance of your home with decorative rock in Las Vegas around the pool, on garden beds, and more. The

How to Find Ways to Add Color to Your Desert Climate Landscape

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How to Add Color to Your Desert Landscape Most southern states that are known for their heat can receive a bad reputation. After all, the dominant cue there is often dirt brown. This may put off some homeowners who love to have a lively landscape. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can add color

Natural Stone Can Transform Your Landscape Into Something Visually Appealing

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Ideas for Using Natural Stone in the Design of Your Landscape When it comes to landscaping you have many choices at your fingertips. Various materials can be used to bring context and texture to your lawn, including natural stone. With the right items, once your landscaping is complete, the maintenance you will have to perform

Tips on Creating an Edible Desert Landscape

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How to Create an Edible Desert Landscape If you're looking to create an edible desert landscape, you're in luck! Here are some valuable tips so that you can create your own! If you're in Las Vegas, this information can be very important. Of course, desert landscaping in Las Vegas is a very common thing. Some

Tips on Adding an Irrigation System to Your Landscape

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Adding an Irrigation System to Your Landscape Adding an irrigation system to your landscape in Las Vegas can be extremely tricky. The Las Vegas climate is hot and dry, often with no rain for weeks. You have to really get a handle on specific steps that are required for an irrigation system to be properly

Adding Green Grass to Your Dull and Bland Desert Backyard Landscape

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Use Grass to Add Color to a Dull Desert Landscape Artificial grass in Las Vegas allows you to make substantial changes to your backyard. You can add artificial green grass instead of trying to plant and grow it yourself. You can make your home look impressive, and you will spend much less time trying to

Protecting Wildlife Should Be Considered With Your Water Features: Here’s How

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Protecting Wildlife Is Possible With Your Water Features Perhaps you've already taken the steps to ensure that your lawn is protecting wildlife. Many homeowners choose to poison their grass in an attempt to get rid of wildlife. Not only does this harm them, but it can also harm the environment. Savvy homeowners buy turf in

Which Factors to Consider When Choosing Artificial Grass for Your Lawn?

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What Are the Factors to Consider When Choosing Artificial Grass for Your Lawn? If you are a busy homeowner who is always on the go but still want a beautiful lawn, you might want to consider using artificial grass instead of the real thing. It is a great alternative that can make your life easier

Tips on How to Create a Pet-Friendly Landscape

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Creating a Landscape That's Pet-Friendly When it comes to maintaining a well-groomed landscape as well as keeping your pets happy, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Keeping your pet's in mind when designing your landscape is the best way to avoid any mishaps and obtaining all the things you want in

Make the Best Selections of Five Desert-Friendly Herbs for Your Yard

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Discover Five of the Best Desert-Friendly Herbs Growing some of your own food is a fun and great way to be sustainable. Herbs are some of the most fun and friendly edibles you can grow at home. Some herbs even have medicinal value that are often used in healing and in preventing disorders. However. If