The Different Types of Pavers Available for Landscaping

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The Unique Characteristics of Different Pavers Used for Landscaping Using pavers in Las Vegas on your property can create a stunning aesthetic appearance and boost your curb appeal. They can be used to create distinct outdoor spaces, distinguish walking pathways, or accent your plants. There are many different paving materials made from both manufactured or natural stone.

How to Keep Your Hard Landscaping in Good Condition

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Tips on How to Keep Your Gravel Garden Looking Good Small rocks like gravel or river rock can add a unique touch to your landscaping. Las Vegas rocks can also combat the heat and create adequate drainage throughout your property. While the material is a relatively low-maintenance product, there are some things that you should

Gardening With Landscape Rocks and Containers in Las Vegas

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Landscape Rocks and Container Gardens One of the hottest new trends in Las Vegas gardens is positioning containers with plants, flowers and even vegetables on landscape rocks. This landscape design aesthetic, which is called xeriscaping, will help you save hugely on water bills. Xeriscaping will likely aid you in growing healthier plants, too, since it’s

Ways to Help Your Landscaping Be Green

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How to Make Your Landscaping Thrive The design and quality of your yard will determine the overall curb appeal of your property. Over time, it can be easy for the plants and lawn to die or have a lack of color without the right maintenance and care. If you want to keep everything growing well

How to Boost the Appeal of Your Yard

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How to Increase the Visual Appeal of Your Yard Your yard may have plants and grass but can lack visual appeal if there's not enough color or design. Many homeowners maintain the quality of their yard but can fail to incorporate a touch of creativity in the space. If you want to boost the visual

Creating a Lush Environment in Your Backyard

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How to Create a Lush Outdoor Setting The backyard is often neglected by homeowners, which means that it can be easy to spend more time indoors throughout the year. If you want to enjoy your outdoor environment, there are a few ways to transform the setting and allow it to thrive. Here are a few

How to Decide on the Best Paver Installer

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How to Find the Right Contractor to Install Pavers Installing paving stone floor in your yard is one of the best ways to improve its aesthetics but it can be hard work to get it done right if you are not used to working outdoors. If you want an installation on the ground that will

Unique Landscaping Ideas For Las Vegas Residents

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Create Attractive Landscaping in Las Vegas Las Vegas is situated in the hot desert climate of the Mojave Desert. During the summer months, the temperature is often above 90 degrees Fahrenheit and commonly rises above 100 degrees in July in August. Sin City boasts having more than 300 days of sunshine. However, there a lack

How to Create the Perfect Landscape [Infographic]

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Building a Beautiful Front Yard One of the perks of owning a home is being able to customize your property as you wish. One way to create a lasting impression for your home is to keep up with the exterior of your home, including the front yard. Creating a beautiful front yard will set your

The Benefits of Installing a Water Feature in Your Backyard

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The Power of Water Features for Self-Care American culture always encourages people to be busy. However, the culture has shifted to one of burnout. It's increasingly difficult for many people to enjoy their lives and practice self-care. Installing a water feature in your backyard is a great way to make a change and enjoy your