From time to time we have some product left over from a job.  These can range from pavers to retaining wall material. Whatever the material is, we need to move it at BLOW OUT PRICES. See what’s available below.

Sierra Blend Pavers Pallets

20000$Per Pallet
  • City Stone 6×12 pallets Sierra Blend
  • 20 pallets available
  • 96 square feet per pallet

Mini Creta Retaining Wall

12000Per Pallet
  • $4 per square foot (30 square feet per pallet)
  • 10 pallets available
  • New material. Retaining or free standing wall.

Full Pallets of Pavers

19200Per Pallet
  • 3×12″ gives a nice linear plank style look
  • 35 pallets available
  • Perfect for a sidewalk or backyard patio
  • Click on the image to see a larger view of the material.


We now offer Acker-Stone pavers! We have the ability to delivery any product that Acker-Stone makes. Below are some items that we keep in stock at our yard in Henderson.

Aviano Pavers

Acker-Stone Concrete Interlocking Pavers are an alternative to traditional paving mediums, including concrete and asphalt. They are available in a wide variety of standard shapes and colors. Non-standard shapes and colors require a written quotation from the manufacturer and may require a mold charge.

See Examples

Holland Pavers

The Holland stone offers the old world charm of a simple paver shape. The rectangular shape can be installed in a number of patterns to produce simple or intricate designs. Mix these patterns with any of the available standard colors or combination of colors and you’ve got the potential for an architectural effect limited only by the imagination.

See Examples