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Bigfoot Pavers at Parsons Rocks


We now offer Acker-Stone pavers! We have the ability to deliver any product that Acker-Stone makes. Below are some items that we keep in stock at our yard in Henderson.

Bigfoot Pavers

Bigfoot pavers are awesome! No more stupid little step stones. Get a step stone that matters! Bigfoot pavers work great on a pathway or can also be used as a patio. If you want to make it a bit more interesting you can gap the pavers and fill the space between with artificial turf or pebbles. Call for available colors!

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Avalon Pavers

Avalon pavers are the catalina with texture. It mimics the texture of natural stone for a more earthy feel. It comes in smaller 3 piece pattern for driveways or 3 piece pattern of larger sizes for patios. It is available in a variety of colors– to order.

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Holland Pavers

Holland pavers are concrete’s answer to brick. The classic shape allows for classic brick style patios, with the strength of concrete. Holland is available in a wide array of colors, but we carry it in Sierra Blend, Old Town Blend, Sand Brown, and Charcoal.

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