Landscape Rocks

Boulders Make Pond Creation Easy

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While landscape rocks can be used for many projects, boulders are the perfect accessory for pond and waterfall building. At Parsons Rocks we understand the importance of using the right materials for your pond or fountain, which is why we recommend using large boulders to create a stunning and beautiful water design. Size Matters Boulders

Eye-Catching Ways to Use Your Landscape Rocks Indoors

By |2013-05-27T01:31:42-07:00May 27th, 2013|Blog|

Landscape rocks may seem like they fall into the "outdoor use" category only; but there are numerous beautiful ways to bring them indoors! Here are three ways to get creative in your home with landscape rocks: (1) Put Them in a Box Frame Why not display smooth, pretty pebbles in a box frame? They are a

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