When Is Decomposed Granite in Landscaping a Good Idea?

Decomposed granite is very durable and can withstand patio furniture and heavy foot traffic. You may think it is the same as gravel, but it is much more stable and has smaller, finer pieces. It can be compacted into a firm surface and can be used to replace a lawn or as a fire-resistant area around a fire pit. This type of landscape rocks in Las Vegas even come in several colors, such as pale gray, greenish-gray and pink.

What Is Decomposed Granite?

Decomposed granite is igneous rock that has been exposed to weather over a long period and been fractured into pieces about ⅜ inches or smaller. It resembles gravel and is usually made from mica, quartz or feldspar. As crushed stone, it is used in garden pathways, roadways and places where there is heavy traffic, such as driveways, playgrounds, pathways in national and state parks and bocce courts. It can be very attractive and has many uses in garden landscaping.

Uses of Decomposed Granite for Landscaping

There are three types of DG used for landscaping in Las Vegas. Natural DG is used around trees, shrubs and flower beds as mulch. The granite continues to weather, adding nutrients to the soil. It also provides good drainage.

Stabilized DG is mixed with a stabilizer and lasts longer. It is mainly recommended for residential garden paths because it has a strong surface, drains well and doesn’t get muddy.

Resin-coated DG comes in a variety of neutral colors and is very durable. It is recommended for driveways and other places that may have bicycle traffic.

To get the best use of your DG, it is important to know where it will go before you select the type.

The Beauty of Decomposed Granite

One of the best features of DG is how it recedes into the background. It is a natural-looking, low-profile material that won’t detract from your home’s architecture, flower beds, fountains or other attractive features of your landscaping.